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Swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii

When you Swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii through Big Island Activities Discount, you’re able to see how these majestic creatures interact and play.  Swimming with the Dolphins is one of the most popular things to do in Hawaii during your Hawaii vacation.  When you Swim with the Dolphins on Big Island Hawaii, you’ll be able to learn about love, communication and community.  These Kona Activities are unforgettable and give you a unique opportunity to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii in the calm, clear blue, and warm waters.  Swimming with the dolphins is such a breathtaking experience that many participants find that they are changed after this activity.  Big Island Activities Discount offers you and your friends and family a swim with the dolphins in Big Island Hawaii with the most experienced and professional dolphin guides.  Reserve your spot to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii before the activity fills up!  You will create lasting memories with these Kona Activities.  Big Island Activities Discount has a wide variety of things to do in Hawaii, and swimming with the dolphins is just one of the most exciting ones!

Dolphins love to swim with you as much as you love to swim with the dolphins!  This is one thing to do in Hawaii that you simply should not miss out on.  The most common type of dolphin that you would swim with during your Kona Activities is the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin.  There are hundreds of thousands of spinner dolphins that inhabit the waters of the Big Island Hawaii.  The Kona Coast’s waters are clean and give Hawaiian dolphins a great home.  When you swim with the dolphins in Hawaii, you’ll have the chance to view them in their natural habitat.

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are about the size of an adult human being and are the smallest dolphins in Big Island Hawaii.  They’re predictable when in their natural territory, as they are regularly encountered here by other groups who are looking to swim with the dolphins.  Your guides are friendly and experienced professionals who will teach you about Hawaiian marine wildlife.  During your swimming with the dolphins adventure, you may also spot pacific bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, pilot whales, manta rays, sea turtles, tropical fish, and more!

The Big Island Wild Dolphin Swim starts in the morning, a gorgeous time of day in the Big Island Hawaii.  The group will head up the stunning Kona coastline, searching for Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, and enjoying the awe-inspiring scenery.  During these Kona Activities, you’ll be able to see beautiful turquoise waters and unparalleled white sand beaches.  The dolphins’ location can change from day to day.  They can be found at Kiholo Bay, Makalawena, or Hoona Bay. 

Once your guide locates a dolphin pod, your group will stop and assist you in entering the water so you can snorkel with these amazing creatures!  Swimming with the dolphins is easy, safe and loads of fun.  Swim with the dolphins in Hawaii on their terms and in their turf.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re getting ready to swim with the dolphins.  Swim gently—please don’t pursue or chase these creatures.   Let them come to you.  Swim with them and remember to respect their personal space.  Keep splashing to an absolute minimum.  Stay near the boat. When swimming with the dolphins, keep your hands by your side.  Don’t touch or feed the dolphins, and be respectful and considerate towards them.  Stay alert!  Avoid sudden movements or noise that could startle or scare the dolphins.  Dolphins may swim behind you or under you, but never dive down with the dolphins. 

The swim with the dolphins Kona activities are limited to a small number of participants.  To ensure the best dolphin experience the tours are limited to a small number of passengers.  All ages are welcome to participate in this popular thing to do in Hawaii, but children are required to pay the adult price.

Be sure to bring a towel and sunscreen when you go to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii.  It’s recommended that you wear your swimsuit under a cover up of some sort.  If you plan on participating in this tour in the winter months, we recommend that you consider a lycra top or spring suit.  You’ll be provided with a snorkel, mask, fins, snacks, and water during this tour.

When you’re reserving your Kona Activities and other things to do in Hawaii with Big Island Activities Discount, be sure to ask about Swimming with the Dolphins in Hawaii!

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