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Paradise Helicopters
Volcano and Kohala Landing (Kona Airport)

This is an unforgettable 3-hour Big Island helicopter tour that includes a landing! Truly the ultimate air tour experience only offered by Paradise Helicopters.

schedule180 minutes

  • retail$869.00
  • discount$699.40
  • save up to 12%
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Paradise Helicopters
Hawaii Experience (Kona Airport)

Enjoy a bird's eyes view of the current volcanic activity at Kilauea and then continue on to the island's tropical rainforests, waterfalls and emerald green valleys.

schedule90-120 minutes

  • retail$725.00
  • discount$582.36
  • save up to 13%
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Paradise Helicopters
Lava & Rainforest Adventure (Hilo Airport)

Fly over miles of tropical rainforest on your way to the latest activity of Kilauea Volcano. Then cross the slopes of Mauna Loa to see towering waterfalls.

schedule45 minutes

  • retail$499.00
  • discount$438.00
  • save up to 14%
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Paradise Helicopters
Doors Off Lava & Rainforest Adventure (Hilo Airport)

Paradise Helicopters’ Doors Off Experience gives you the chance to enjoy volcanic activity first hand, from a helicopter….with no doors!

schedule45 minutes

  • retail$474.00
  • discount$415.10
  • save up to 10%
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Paradise Helicopters in Hawaii and Big Island Activities Discount offer you a great way to view the natural beauty of the islands.  Kona Helicopter Tours will create lasting memories of your Hawaiian vacation as well as fill up a good portion of your photo album.  When you book Hilo Helicopter Tours and other Hawaii Activities through Big Island Activities Discount, you’re sure to save both time and money.

Oahu Helicopter Tours give you a bird’s eye view of Hawaii’s fantastic sights and attractions.  Paradise Helicopters in Hawaii knows what you want during your Hawaiian vacation, and we deliver!  Kona Helicopter Tours take you soaring through the skies on a ride of a lifetime!  Big Island Activities Discount gives you the opportunity to enjoy Hawaii Activities such as Hilo Helicopter Tours at a rewarding and easy price.  You can’t beat it!

Paradise Helicopters in Hawaii presents a wide range of Oahu Helicopter Tours such as Doors Off Experience, Volcano Valley Landing Oahu Extreme, and the North shore and Waterfall Adventure.  Hawaii Activities such as these make for completely unforgettable times!

The Exclusive Volcano Valley Landing Tours are extremely incredible Kona Helicopter Tours.  This superb excursion is only offered through Paradise Helicopters in Hawaii.  Your Kona Helicopter Tour begins exactly like the Hawaii Experience but continues on to the stunning Kohala Coast, where you can discover your own utopia.  These Hawaii Activities allow you to observe the formation of the island from above.  You’ll land at a private locale where you can relax and kick back as you enjoy paradise firsthand!

The North Shore & Waterfall Adventure Oahu Helicopter Tour lasts for twenty minutes, so it’s easy to fit in to your busy day.  During these Oahu Helicopter Tours, you’ll be able to check out Kahana Bay, Sacred Falls, Sunset Beach, Pipeline, and Waimea Bay. 

While you’re reserving Hawaii Activities through Big Island Activities Discount, be sure to ask about Paradise Helicopters in Hawaii’s various Hilo Helicopter Tours, Kona Helicopter Tours, and Oahu Helicopter Tours.