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Paradise Helicopters - Volcano and Kohala  Landing (Kona Airport)
From: $530.41
You save: $128.59
Duration: 180 min

This is an unforgettable 3-hour Big Island helicopter tour that includes a landing! Truly the ultimate air tour experience only offered by Paradise Helicopters.

Paradise Helicopters - Hawaii Experience (Kona Airport)
From: $449.21
You save: $109.79
Duration: 90-120 min

  Enjoy a bird's eyes view of the current volcanic activity at Kilauea and then continue on to the island's tropical rainforests, waterfalls and emerald green valleys.

Paradise Helicopters - Lava & Rainforest Adventure (Hilo Airport)
From: $218.78
You save: $55.22
Duration: 45 min

Fly over miles of tropical rainforest on your way to the latest activity of Kilauea Volcano. Then cross the slopes of Mauna Loa to see towering waterfalls.

Paradise Helicopters - Doors Off Lava & Rainforest Adventure (Hilo Airport)
From: $253.98
You save: $70.02
Duration: 45 min

Experience the volcanic activity first hand… with no doors! This is an adventure of a lifetime for those looking for an exciting alternative to regular helicopter flights.

Sunshine Helicopters - Volcano Deluxe Tour (Hapuna Heliport)
From: $442.11
You save: $86.89
Duration: 105 min

A deluxe Big Island helicopter tour! Soar above the fiery lava vents of Kilauea and then enjoy the sights of the hidden tropical valleys and waterfalls of the Kohala mountains.

Sunshine Helicopters - Kohala / Hamakua Tour (Hapuna Heliport)
From: $192.00
Duration: 40 min

Explore the steep ocean cliffs and hidden valleys of Waimanu, Pololu and Waipio, alive with dozens of roaring waterfalls.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - Kohala Coast Adventure (Waikoloa Heliport)
From: $309.00
Duration: 45-50 min

Tour the Kohala Coast and see ancient Hawaiian archaeological sights and the area's lush valleys and waterfalls.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - Big Island Spectacular (Waikoloa Heliport)
From: $599.00
Duration: 105 minutes

View the beauty and volcanic fury of the Big Island, as well as cascading waterfalls and lush rainforests during this helicopter adventure.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - Circle of Fire plus Waterfalls (Hilo Airport)
From: $269.00
Duration: 50 minutes

Tour the most geologically active environment on earth. View lava flows and black sand beaches, plus tropical rainforests and waterfalls!

Helicopter Tours of Big Island Hawaii are the best way to see the entire island!  Big Island Activities Discount offers the best Hawaii Big Island Helicopter Rides and Hawaii Volcano Tours that are sure to create lasting memories.  Big Island Helicopter Tours give you the opportunity to see the Big Island’s highlights from a unique bird’s eye view.  When you book your Hilo Helicopter Tours through Big Island Activities Discount, you’re sure to save both time and money.

Kona Helicopter Tours let you fly in luxury as you tour the Big Island of Hawaii from above.  When you book these kinds of Hawaii Tours with Big Island Activities Discount, you’re assured of having a fantastic time as well as saving tons of money! 

Helicopter Tours of the Big Island of Hawaii give you the finest opportunity to observe the majority of Hawaii’s picturesque landscape.  You’ll cruise over waterfalls, along gorgeous coastlines, through tropical rainforests, and over active volcanoes that are conducting Hawaii Volcano Tours. 

Hawaii Big Island Helicopter Rides are extremely popular because they offer incredible views of the majestic Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.  Check out lava flows and tons of other volcanic activity too amazing to describe during Hawaii Volcano Tours.  Afterwards, you’ll cruise over a waterfall on Big Island Hawaii.  Big Island Helicopter Tours give you spectacular views of all there is to see on the Big Island.  For more information about Hawaiian volcanoes and Hawaii Volcano Tours, check out the Hawaii Volcano Observatory.

With Kona Helicopter Tours, you’ll get to see the Kilauea as well as the stunning Kohala coast.  These Hawaii Tours bring you to observe dramatic valleys of the Kohala Mountains, towering sea cliffs, and gorgeous waterfalls that pour into flourishing rainforests.  You’ll even have the chance to see the remnants of ancient civilizations during Helicopter Tours of the Big Island Hawaii!

Hilo Helicopter Tours bring you to experience more than the average visitor typically experiences during their entire vacation on the Big Island Hawaii!  You can’t go wrong when you book your Hawaii Big Island Helicopter Rides through Big Island Activities Discount!

Participating in one of our Big Island Helicopter Tours is a terrific way to enjoy an intimate Hawaii Tour minus all of the crowds.  When reserving a Hilo Helicopter Tours through Big Island Activities Discount, you’re sure to experience a high quality helicopter and a knowledgeable pilot that also acts as a tour guide!  While reserving your Hawaii Tours through Big Island Activities Discount, be sure to ask about the various Helicopter Tours of Big Island Hawaii!

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